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5 rugged Land Rover accessories to get your rig camping ready

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The Defender is always up for an adventure. It's our signature go-anywhere machine and with good weather in the foreseeable future, it only feels appropriate to do a deep dive into some of the best camping gear available to the Land Rover Defender, rain or shine.

Read on for our five picks that'll help kit your Defender for your next outdoor excursion.

Roofnest Tent

You don't need a pop-up camper to enjoy the morning views from the top of your rig. Roofnest crafts sleek and sturdy tents that seamlessly connect to your Defender, making a comfortable sleeping space for up to two campers. The Falcon series are made from lightweight aluminum in a clamshell design, so it's low impact on your roof, and the aerodynamic design is compatible with multiple accessories.


Side-Mount Gear Box

Packing for your trip needn't be stressful. Side-mounted exterior gear boxes for the Defender add ample room for tools, sports gear or other items you want to keep safe from the elements and expertly stored. The boxes are lockable and waterproof, and have a built-in net inside to keep things organized. There's also a smartly placed rubber stopper at the bottom of the box to help make cleaning it post-trip easy.


Roof Ladder

If you go ahead with a rooftop tent, a deployable roof ladder is a must. This add-on one elevates the exterior style of the Defender and has been designed exclusively for this badge. The design, made from anodized aluminum steps with powder-coated aluminum sides, has been carefully considered and has a lockable feature when it's in the stored position. There's rubber coating on the steps to improve grip.


Aqua Sports Carrier

If you prefer to use your roof for storage to haul water activity gear, this carrier is a must. The Defender Aqua Sports Carrier is best for carrying a canoe, kayak or sailboardand and has a lockable multi-purpose holder that's suitable for oars and paddles. It has a mechanism that makes the carrier tiltable for smooth loading and unloading, and lockable straps and rubber supports help with weight distribution in order to protect both the gear and vehicle.


Expedition Roof Rack

A solid multipurpose roof rack option: the bespoke Expedition rack. It's lightweight with a lowline that adds to the stately silhouette of the Defender. The aerodynamic design minimizes wind noise in the cabin and the rack has been designed to fit smartly onto the roof rails without compromising the function of the sunroof. It's made from anodized aluminum rails set in a black alloy powder-coated frame with a max carrying capacity of 291 lbs.

Looking for inspiration to kit your Defenderf for your next adventure? Check out some of these set-ups below or get in touch with Land Rover Waterloo for more.

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