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Highlighting the top 4 features of the all-new 5th gen 2023 Range Rover

2023  range  rover

It's been 50 years since the Range Rover first rolled onto the scene and in those five decades, there have been just five iterations. That's what makes the 2023 so special. It's not so often that Range Rover releases a new generation, but the 2023 Rover marks a new chapter in storied history of the iconic SUV.

Range Rover's feats of motoring mainly rely on its off-road prowess, but that's not all the vehicle is known for. The Range Rover has become synonymous with luxurious comforts inside, too, and the 2023 model brings with it a longer body and additional third row seating--something that customers have been asking for.

There are different models of the 2023 Range Rover, including the V8 First Edition with a short-wheelbase, the long-wheelbase six-cylinder and the top-tier SV.

There's so much to note about the 2023 Range Rover, and we've narrowed down four of the must-know features.

The long-body version unlocks a third row

Depending on your group's size and needs, the long-body might be the right choice. This version allows for three-row seating since the wheelbase has been extended by about three inches. This also means a more spacious cabin experience, as there's a 1.2-inch increase in rear legroom as well as six more cubic feet of cargo space.

There's a new plug-in hybrid powertrain option

With the 2023 Range Rover comes a plug-in hybrid powertrain option. The inline six-cylinder engine is paired with a battery-powered motor that can produce 434 hp and has about 100 km of range. The plug-in hybrid is 4WD, the same as the other 2023 Rovers.

Power-assisted doors elevate the entire experience

Power-assisted doors are a new feature in the 2023 Range Rover and they make the entire experience feel that much more refined. It's a seemingly simple technology--the doors to the vehicle can be controlled via the 13.1-inch infotainment touchscreen--but it's a comfort that makes the entire experience of entering and exiting the vehicle feel all the more elevated. Plus, there's a warning sound if the sensor notices something in the way.

The customization options are endless

Range Rover understands that everyone has different tastes when it comes to style. That's why the 2023 Rover has so many options for personalization, especially the SV model. It has exclusive options unique to the SV badge, like two-tone exterior colours as well as premium materials, including plated metals, embossed mosaic patterns and ceramics. There are also a variety of textile choices, such as semi-aniline leathers and non-leather ultrafabrics. Even the front grille and bumper are exclusive to the SV making it the finest Range Rover ever created.

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