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Show your Land Rover loyalty with five essentials from our lifestyle collection

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We know Land Rover enthusiasts appreciate craftsmanship and innovation, but did you know there are ways to pay homage to the brand beyond the driver's seat? Land Rover offers a collection of gear that's as trendy as it is functional. The universe of Land Rover's lifestyle essentials, from clothes to outdoor gear to accessories, is designed with the unmistakable quality and spirit of the British automaker.

Whether you're an off-road enthusiast, a fashion-forward explorer, or just someone who appreciates quality gear, here are five items from the Land Rover's exclusive lifestyle collection, available to order online.


Some people wear their heart on their sleeve while others wear sleek milled steel whale-back cufflinks that are inspired by the Range Rover Rotary Dial. The latter definitely makes a statement. The black nickel finish is completed with a subtle Range Rover wordmark on each one. Cufflinks might not be something you wear everyday, which is why a precious pair from your favourite brand makes it all the more special when you do pull them out for an occasion.
Cufflinks, $125


Driving jackets don't need to be overly complicated or stuffy looking. Our modern driving jacket has a contemporary cut making the silhouette appear more athletic. There's no denying it's comfortable. The shoulders offer a quilted detail and the cuffs feature brushed silver hardware with subtly placed Land Rover wordmarks. The shell is crafted with water-resistant zips and finished with a durable water repellent coating.
Men's jacket, $200


This limited-edition New Range Rover Sport model car is an aesthetically pleasing alternative to a traditional model car. Crafted from solid machined metal and finished in a striking red anodised paint, this design piece will add a touch of elevated adventure to any space. It's the perfect size to place on a bookshelf or end table, measuring 15 cm long, 6 cm high and 6 cm wide.
Model car, $730


Looking to upgrade your line-up of outerwear? Consider this softshell zip-up coat/vest hybrid, a limited collaboration with luxury sailing apparel brand Musto. The quick-burst zipper technology around each shoulder means you can quickly convert this piece from a jacket to a vest in a matter of seconds. It's made out of abrasion-proof Schoeller® stretch fabric and finished with a durable water repellent coating, so rain or sleet will more quickly bead and run off of the material. It's insulated with PrimaLoft® Black Eco recycled insulation, which is not only light-weight, but eco-friendly, too.
Women's jacket, $615


The Land Rover lifestyle collection isn't just for people. We have a number of goods for adventure pets who get to enjoy the LR lifestyle, too, including dog coats, collars and travel bowls. The Portable pet bowls are truly a game-changer for Land Rover owners who are often travelling with their dog. The lightweight nylon bowl can hold 1.5 litres of food or water and folds down and packs away when not in use.
Portable pet bowl, $32

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